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Based in Brisbane, Australia

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22 October, 2016

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Panic Cube is an all new puzzle game focused around performing sequences on a 3D cube. It's easy to play, but challenging to master, making it perfect for the puzzle lover inside all of us. You'll need to be able to watch, recall and repeat sequences of swipes in order to earn as many gems as you can within 120 action packed seconds of game play; however, are you willing to give up your precious time in order to gather your loot, or do you risk losing it all by failing a sequence? Further armed with a variety of power-ups to help you gain the highest score possible, are you willing to risk it all to try and master the cube?


As our previous development group, we had released other mobile games, and as such wanted our first project as Fishbowl Interactive to be something familiar and easy to support so we could achieve the best for our customers. The concept was identified in on of our brainstorming sessions originally as a 'brain teaser' game. We like to say this game is a brain teaser 'plus', as it works your memory in a gamified manner.


  • Panic Inducing Gameplay – Watch, Recall and Repeat a number sequences to drop gems. However are you willing to sacrifice your precious time to collect them, or do you risk it all to increase your haul? Choose wisely.
  • Multiple Power-ups - To truly master the cube you must master the power-ups, grab your favourites and bring them into the challenge. Will you freeze the clock to gain a few precious extra seconds, and throw time away to boost your score?
  • Perfect your skills – Panic Cube features a number of challenges in which to test your abilities. Complete the challenges and reap the rewards.
  • Awesome Backgrounds and Sound Track – Panic Cube features a number of different sound tracks and backgrounds. Master your skill above a sea of cubes, or deep in warp space.
  • Action Packed Rounds – Each round in Panic Cube is only 120 seconds long! This makes each one action packed, but easy to pick up and play. Perfect for a trip on the bus, during a lunch break or a siblings music recital!


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Available for free from somemusicsite.com.

Release Blog Post
The blog-post through which this game was released is available at vlambeer.com.

About Fishbowl Interactive

Founded in 2016, by former QUT games students, Fishbowl Interactive came together to create the best and most enjoyable games possible. We're a team of gamers making games striving to create captivating experiences. Conjuring the new and reimagining the old, we’re building the games that we want to play. We are passionate about what we develop and engaging with our community. We love the games that we develop and we know that you will to.

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Panic Cube Credits

Jacob Mcdonald

Harrison Moore
Game Design

Vishesh Bhartiya

Callum Edwards
Sound Design

Luke Miles

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks